Last week the Rushmore Cave management team took to the road and headed to Glenwood Springs, Colorado!  The purpose of the trip was to debrief the 2014 season, spend some time with the Glenwood Caverns staff, start planning for the 2015 season and have some fun!  We were successful on all accounts!

When we left South Dakota it was a balmy 50 degrees anGlenwood Caverns Adventure Logod we had a great trip, with the exception of the Denver traffic… to Glenwood Springs!  Thanks to Wade and Nancy Hart for the use of the spacious Escalade for the trip!  It was GREAT to have so much space… especially since I was sharing the back seat area with two boys/men!  We ate junk food, watched “Goonies” and teased each other the whole trip!  It was just like National Lampoon’s “ Vacation” in the family “truckster”!  When we arrived in Glenwood Springs, we checked into our hotel and headed downtown to check out the Glenwood Canyon Brewing Company.  We had some lovely food and good beer and headed to bed after a long day of driving.

The next day dawned clear and beautiful and after breakfast at the hotel, we made our way to the Iron Mountain Tramway to go up the mountain to Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.  I must say, I was quite apprehensive about this part of the journey since I am deathly afraid of heights!

Iron Mountain Tramway in Glenwood Springs

Iron Mountain Tramway in Glenwood Springs

With the exception of a certain manager *cough* Austin, rocking the tram a bit, the ride up was quite pleasant and smooth.  We were pretty darn excited to get to the top of the mountain and see all of the rides, cave tours, food and other attractions the Park had to offer.  First stop… the gift shop!  The second stop…. the Alpine Coaster!

Rushmore Cave Facilities and Grounds Manager, Rick, is ready to ride the Alpine Coaster!

Rushmore Cave Facilities and Grounds Manager, Rick, is ready to ride the Alpine Coaster!

Again, my fears overtook me for a moment… however, as the day wore on, I summoned my courage to try out the coaster… and boy am I glad I did!  What an absolute blast!!!  I rode the coaster 3 times that day and 2 times the next day in the dark!  If you get the opportunity, do NOT miss this attraction!  It is a TON ‘o fun!

We met up with Steve, Nancy and Kathy of the Glenwood crew for dinner and had some good fun, good food and time for sharing ideas.

The next day was spent in meetings about 2014 and planning for 2015…….boy do we have exciting things in store in the next couple of years!  Stay tuned folks!  It’s going to be awesome and you won’t want to miss it!

It seemed appropriate that the day we were leaving was cloudy and a bit dreary and definitely colder!  Kudos to Tom Hagen for a safe drive there and especially a safe drive home through all kinds of nasty weather and roads!

All in all, it was a FANTASTIC trip!  It was great to get away and see another beautiful cave and attractions!  It was great to spend time together as a management team on “retreat” that allowed us to get away from all of the distractions and focus on the past season, the season up ahead and what it will take to get us there.  It’s going to be a busy off season at Rushmore Cave!  We look forward to showing you all of the great things happening when we open again in 2015! Deb, AGM