Rushmore Cave Owner, Tom

Tom Hagen, Operating Owner, Rushmore Cave

THE REASON, part 1

Over the past month I have had the opportunity to do some exploring in Rushmore Cave with my friend Dean.  Dean came to me some time back and put forth the idea that there may be more cave past the last room in the cave and it would take some digging to get into it. I am not a big fan of the last room in the cave.

Rushmore Cave Crack

Smashed into a crack while exploring in Rushmore Cave.

To get to this room you must slog through red mud, push through three medium sized squeezes (about 18 inches in diameter each), then ascend a tight fissure before crawling through a passage that can only be described as awkward.  Normally by the time I get into the room my knee pads have become ankle pads and I am sweaty, muddy and bruised.

The room itself is nothing spectacular.  It is not big, though you can stand and there are a couple of small spaces to check out.  There is a small amount of stalactites and some draperies in the room but nothing that would be classified as ‘must see’.  In fact, the only thing that brings me back to the room is the possibility that this room might contain a lead that takes us to the next part of the cave. (Check out our current cave map here.)

The reaction most of my friends have when I tell them about the difficulties getting there, plus the lack of much to see, can be summed up in one word, “Why?”.  Why punish yourself? Why get covered in mud? Why get scraped up? Why do you want to find more cave?.. These are important questions and the answer will be revealed in part 2.