It was the best of times… Rush Mountain Adventure Park

Tom Hagen, General Manager

Tom Hagen, GM

I would like to take a minute to discuss something all businesses deal with these days, and to brag a little. Today we received our 25th consecutive 5 star review on TripAdvisor. Also, we are at 24 consecutive 5 star reviews on Facebook (the 25th is a 4 star).This is really exciting to me because it means our goal of offering a great experience to our guests is being met, for the most part. Here is the thing, however. While most of those reviews are very definitely excited people being extremely complimentary, there are a few in there that you would never guess are 5 stars without looking at the rating. 

On the other side, if you look further back, you will see glowing reviews that do not garner 5 stars. Many are 4 stars and some are 3 stars. This highlights the fact that we are all different. What I may see as exceptional service you may see as expected service. What is a great deal to me, might seem too high priced for you. So while I will bask in the great streak we are currently on, I will remember that the goal is to offer a great experience, not necessarily to get great reviews.