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It was the best of times…

It was the best of times… Rush Mountain Adventure Park Tom Hagen, GM I would like to take a minute to discuss something all businesses deal with these days, and to brag a little. Today we received our 25th consecutive 5 star review on TripAdvisor. Also, we are at 24 consecutive 5 star reviews on Facebook (the 25th is a 4 star).This is really exciting to me because it means our goal of offering… read more



New XD Dark Ride Movie from Trio-tech! WEREWOLVES IN HAYWARD! TWO WEEKENDS ONLY! Stop out and experience the new Werewolves XD Dark Ride movie in our Gunslinger Theatre. Help us decide which thrilling movie to keep… Zombies or Werewolves? #whatarush #hifromsd #zombiesvswerewolves London. Turn of the century. A poisonous gas unleashed into the air is turning men and women into ferocious… read more

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Rushmore Cave – The Reason, Part 2

Tom Hagen, Owner Operator Rushmore Cave In my last blog I discussed some of the less fun aspects to exploring caves, or caving. I mentioned the mud, the tight crawls and the physical pounding. After laying out good reasons not to cave I promised an answer to the question, “Why do you cave?” Carter, a good friend and fellow caver always said, “We cave because we know how good it is going to… read more

Rushmore Cave – THE REASON, part 1

Tom Hagen, Operating Owner, Rushmore Cave THE REASON, part 1 Over the past month I have had the opportunity to do some exploring in Rushmore Cave with my friend Dean.  Dean came to me some time back and put forth the idea that there may be more cave past the last room in the cave and it would take some digging to get into it. I am not a big fan of the last room in the cave. Smashed into a… read more

A Black Hills Commute – Rushmore Cave

April, Business & Retail Manager Today was one of those days that truly made me stop and realize just how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful area. My commute to Rushmore Cave takes approximately 45 minutes one way. Some people say that they cannot believe that I am willing to drive soo far, others think 45 minutes is nothing if you are navigating congested freeways during rush hour, but… read more

The Rushmore Cave Management Team take a road trip!!

Last week the Rushmore Cave management team took to the road and headed to Glenwood Springs, Colorado!  The purpose of the trip was to debrief the 2014 season, spend some time with the Glenwood Caverns staff, start planning for the 2015 season and have some fun!  We were successful on all accounts! When we left South Dakota it was a balmy 50 degrees and we had a great trip, with the exception… read more

Mommy Loves to Travel!

  We were very excited to show off our Cave and attractions last week when Laura from Mommy Loves to Travel and her family stopped by for a visit. Check out her blog at… read more

Mystic Cave Tattoo

On October 25, 2008 I was fortunate enough to get to tag along on a trip into Mystic Cave.  This would be a trip that left its mark on me in more than one way. Before we get into the trip, let me give you a little background on Mystic Cave and my part of its history.  According to stories found in our own Carbide Flash, Mystic Cave was known as Bat Cave until 1980 when Ken Allgier, Vern… read more

Thank you for our Tripadvisor Award!

Rushmore Cave is proud to announce that we recently received the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence Award. This honor is given to businesses worldwide that are consistently highly rated by their visitors on Tripadvisor. Thank you to everyone who has come to visit the cave, recommended us to their friends, and posted reviews on Tripadvisor. We take pride in our cave and the experiences we offer… read more

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