Rushmore Cave – The Reason, Part 2

Exploring the Unknown in Rushmore Cave

Rushmore Cave – The Reason, Part 2

Tom Hagen, Owner Operator Rushmore Cave In my last blog I discussed some of the less fun aspects to exploring caves, or caving. I mentioned the mud, the tight crawls and the physical pounding. After laying out good reasons not to cave I promised an answer to the question, “Why do you cave?” Carter, a good friend and fellow caver always said, “We cave because we know how good it is going to… read more

A Black Hills Commute – Rushmore Cave

April, Business & Retail Manager Today was one of those days that truly made me stop and realize just how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful area. My commute to Rushmore Cave takes approximately 45 minutes one way. Some people say that they cannot believe that I am willing to drive soo far, others think 45 minutes is nothing if you are navigating congested freeways during rush hour, but… read more

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